DFF Simplified.

New website...soon!

New features will include:

  • Ability to register on the website
  • Ability to edit entries (Maybe, might limit this to members only)
  • Unlimited database space (WOW!)
  • Less annoying forms (YIPPEE!)
  • Better layout and graphics
  • Responsive web design.
  • All of this for a fraction of the previous costs!

Everything will be better integrated because the hosting and database are all together. No need to rely on multiple services and pay them ungodly amounts of money! Thats great news!

What will you find?

The Doll Feature Finder

The Doll Feature Finder is a community created database that allows an individual to search for a resin ball-jointed doll with specific features. You can search for dolls that have hooves, closed eyes, mermaid tails, jointed hands, and more! You can sort the data by company, size, feature, name, and even availability. If you would like to see a doll on this list, then feel free to add it using the "Add a Doll" form! You may also add doll companies and even request updates and corrections for dolls and companies already listed.

The Doll Feature Finder has ~500 dolls listed with more being added!

Newest Database Additions

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Thank you, contributors!

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