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Can I use this data for my own purposes?

Yes! Feel free to download this data and use it as you see fit. Make your own, prettier database. Make a bigger and better database. Use it for your school project. Whatever you like! I only ask that you keep everything free and available to the BJD community, just in case this site and data goes MIA like the previous database did.   How can I download the data? I am currently looking for a solution to be able to download the data via a CSV document. The link will appear here in the future.   Does DFF accept donations? Yes! Head on over to the donation page to learn more.   Who runs the Doll Feature Finder? A ball-jointed doll hoarder who goes by DEKO. My Den of Angels username is Anshishoku.   Also, contributors. People who donate their time and effort to add information help run the DFF! <3                                              

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