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Please help keep the database running with a small donation. If you prefer not to donate something monetary, please help by donating information instead (by adding a few dolls to the database).   All donations go directly to managing the subscriptions required to keep the database running. You can go to the Ko-fi page to see donation progress. Everything is listed publicly. See below for a cost breakdown.   Ko-fi accepts both PayPal and Stripe!   Please note that PayPal and Stripe take a fee from the donation, so you may not see the full amount applied to the goal.     Other ways you can help:   When sign up to Airtable using my referral link and verify your email, The Doll Feature Finder gets a $10.00 credit to be used towards the monthly subscription fee!   Sign up for Airtable now!        

Cost Breakdown

Total cost to run Doll Feature Finder: $276/year + applicable tax

Domain Name


Website Hosting


Database Cost


*Currently, the database is free until 1,200 records are exceeded. ​$120/year will allow the database to expand to 5,000 records.   ​326 of 1,200 records   ​Since this is a community based platform, this database is only possible with the help and support of the BJD community. DFF would like to thank each and every user and contributor. I want to give special thanks to the BJD Measurement Database for sharing their data with Doll Feature Finder!

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Donate to DFF through ko-fi, sign up to Airtable with our referral code, or add information to the database.
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